Calendar of Events

New Events We Are Supporting


Peddle Car Olympics - Thriftwood Activity Centre - 10th to 12th January

Epping Forest South Troop Challenge - Tolmers Activity Centre - 3rd to 5th April

Epping Forest South District Activity Day - Thriftwood Activity Centre - 26th to 28th June

Past Events where we have supported in Scouting

Wintercamp - Gilwell Park

Network Gathering - Great Tower

Marra - Northumberland County

Cub & Beaver Fundays - Gilwell Park

Gilwell 24 - Gilwell Park

Gilwell Reunion - Gilwell Park

Chigwell Row Brownie and Rainbow Day - Chigwell Row

Scarefest - Gilwell Park





If you would like us to help at your event, then please contact us - see contacts page.


Our training events are often open to non-members. Please let us know if you want more information.


If you are attending an event that we are supporting, please come by and say hi. We always look forwards to a cup of tea and a chat.