Scafell SASU

If you need a team to run climbing, abseiling, high ropes or training at an event in the UK, get in touch and we'll do our best to provide you with a team with the appropriate skills and permits or qualifications

Who Are We?scafell_roadsign

We're a National Scout Active Support Unit who do more than drink tea... we support climbing related activities around the uk and are known for our fresian fetish.

If you are interested in climbing and would like to 'give something back' by helping to run events around the UK for young people and adults within Scouting then get in touch. We work hard but play hard and can offer opportunities for training and gaining authorisations within Scouting, Guiding and the MLTE syllabus.

Where are we?

Scafell has members all over the UK, from Cumbria to Sussex, Wales to Essex. Many of us have local scouting roles in addition to our Scafell membership, so have not forgotten the challenges of local scouting.